Episode 230 – Happy HoopTober! (with special guest Cinemonster)

We’re making our lists and checking them a dozen times as HoopTober 7.0 is upon us on Letterboxd. And who better to have on to talk about it than the mad genius behind it, Cinemonster! Please enjoy this fun as hell interview and maybe join the challenge yourself. (Check all the links in the show notes, too!)

Episode 230 – Happy HoopTober! (with special guest Cinemonster!) https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/podcastmacabre/PM_Episode_230_Final.mp3

Cinemonster’s HoopTober Se7en Challenge List: https://letterboxd.com/cinemonster/list/hooptober-se7en-we-have-such-masked-socially/

Jenny’s HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/tattooedjenny/list/hooptober-70/

Joe’s HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/gotmewrong/list/hooptober-70-2020/

Chris’s HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/duckman/list/hooptober-se7en-whats-in-the-letterboxd/

Jon Ursenbach’s Charity Drive HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/erunion/list/hooptober-7/

ruinmysleep’s 499 Nights of Female-Fronted Frights: https://letterboxd.com/ruinmysleep/list/365-nights-of-female-fronted-frights/

Letterboxd’s 250 Top Horror Films: https://letterboxd.com/darrencb/list/letterboxds-top-250-horror-films/

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