Episode 201 – Streaming Screams: Fall/Winter 2019

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With our final episode for 2019, we do a little bit of housekeeping and catch-up and give our overdue Streaming Screams recommendations. Check out our suggestions for what to watch on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix this holiday season.

Episode 201 – Streaming Screams: Fall/Winter 2019

The Letterboxd Companion List

Episode 188 – Streaming Screams: Summer 2019

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Back again with more recommendations of what’s out there to watch on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime for any horror fan. The link to the Letterboxd companion list is in the show notes.

Episode 188 – Streaming Screams: Summer 2019

Episode 188 – Streaming Screams: Summer 2019 (Letterboxd Companion List)

Episode 185 – Franchise Focus: FINAL DESTINATION


We are finally doing a Franchise Focus on those fickle films of fearsome fate, the FINAL DESTINATION series! Take a listen as we recap all 5 films, and be sure to give us feedback on our switch from Skype to Discord for recording.

Episode 185 – Franchise Focus: FINAL DESTINATION