Episode 122 – Field Trip Fun – Part 2

For our final episode of 2017, Joe’s been a man about town again and returned with several recordings for us.

Segment 1 – Takashi Miike at the Nuart Theater on 11/3 after a screening of BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL.

Segment 2 – Barbara Magnolfi at the Nuart Theater on 11/18 before a midnight screening of the 4K restoration of SUSPIRIA.

Segment 3 – Q&A with Guillermo Del Toro, Octavia Spencer, and Doug Jones on 12/9 at the Landmark Theater after a screening of THE SHAPE OF WATER.


Episode 122 – Field Trip Fun – Part 2

An Early Christmas Treat Added To The Archives!


Seasons Greetings, Fright Fans! To give everyone a chance to share in the Christmas spirit and the spirits in general over the coming holiday weekend, we decided to post some of the archiving episodes out of order and give you one of our personal faves from last year.

With that, we give you Episode 77: “Dreaming Of A Tight Christmas.” This is our intoxicated commentary track for that Christmas horror classic, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT we recorded last year. Enjoy!

Episode 118 – Field Trip Fun

Joe’s been out and about again, seeing the various sights and screenings Los Angeles and Hollywood have to offer, and he was good enough to record several of these misadventures. We apologize in advance for some of the audio as these segments were recorded live with an open mic. Hope you enjoy them!

Segment 1 – George Romero Tribute from Beyond Fest on 10/13/17 after NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 4K restoration screening.

Segment 2 – Tobe Hopper Tribute from Beyond Fest on 10/13/17 before a screening of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

Segment 3 – Kane Hodder Q&A after screening of TO HELL AND BACK:THE KANE HODDER STORY at Screamfest on 10/17/17.

Segment 4 – George Romero Tribute & Memorial on 10/25/17 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.

Episode 118 – Field Trip Fun

Voices From The Vault: Vol. I (Episodes 3-15)

Howdy, folks! As we slowly but steadily rebuild our back catalog over on Libsyn for iTunes and other streaming platforms, we want all of our listeners, new ones and long timers, to still have access to those old episodes. So, we are setting up a series of blog posts that will contain batches of those episodes for your listening pleasure.

Keep an eye out for “Voices From The Vault” blog posts under the categories of “Podcast Episodes” and the series title to find more episodes for streaming directly from our web site or to download for listening at your convenience.

Episode 15 – Anthology Horror On TV (aka My Mother’s Pearl Necklace)

Episode 14 – Anthology Horror Films: Scares For Short Attention Spans

Episode 13 – Triskaideka This

Episode 12 – Yes, We Still Have A Show!

Episode 11 – “Yes, Mommy Dearest”: Mom’s In Horror Movies

Episode 10 – The Walking Thrones

Episode 9 – Walking Dead Season Recap and Suggested Shows

Episode 8 – Ghost Stories Around The Campfire

Episode 7 – Hauntingly Familiar

Episode 6 – Remakes and Reboots (Part Two)

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Episode 4 – The Walking Dead

Episode 3 – Zombies!!!