Episode 234 – Drive-In Double Feature: PUMPKINHEAD (1988) and GIRLS WITH BALLS (2018)

Time for another trip to the drive-in for a double feature! This time around, Jenny has chosen PUMPKINHEAD (1988) and GIRLS WITH BALLS (2018) for the bill. Enjoy! (Apologies for some technical faults in the recording. We do our best.)

Episode 234: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/podcastmacabre/PM_Episode_234_Final.mp3

Episode 232 – From A24 to XYZ

Focusing on the production companies behind a lot of great indie horror in the past decade, we share our personal 15 faves from A24 Films, Oscilloscope Labs, Spectrevision, and XYZ Films. (Letterboxd companion list link in show notes.)

Episode 232: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/podcastmacabre/PM_Episode_232_Final.mp3

Letterboxd Companion List: https://boxd.it/8MZJq

Episode 230 – Happy HoopTober! (with special guest Cinemonster)

We’re making our lists and checking them a dozen times as HoopTober 7.0 is upon us on Letterboxd. And who better to have on to talk about it than the mad genius behind it, Cinemonster! Please enjoy this fun as hell interview and maybe join the challenge yourself. (Check all the links in the show notes, too!)

Episode 230 – Happy HoopTober! (with special guest Cinemonster!) https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/podcastmacabre/PM_Episode_230_Final.mp3

Cinemonster’s HoopTober Se7en Challenge List: https://letterboxd.com/cinemonster/list/hooptober-se7en-we-have-such-masked-socially/

Jenny’s HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/tattooedjenny/list/hooptober-70/

Joe’s HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/gotmewrong/list/hooptober-70-2020/

Chris’s HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/duckman/list/hooptober-se7en-whats-in-the-letterboxd/

Jon Ursenbach’s Charity Drive HoopTober List: https://letterboxd.com/erunion/list/hooptober-7/

ruinmysleep’s 499 Nights of Female-Fronted Frights: https://letterboxd.com/ruinmysleep/list/365-nights-of-female-fronted-frights/

Letterboxd’s 250 Top Horror Films: https://letterboxd.com/darrencb/list/letterboxds-top-250-horror-films/

Episode 227 – Drive-In Double Feature: THE STUFF (1985) and STREET TRASH (1987)


Get ready to get gooey as we dive deep into the melting mayhem of THE STUFF (1985) and STREET TRASH (1987) in this edition of Drive-In Double Feature.

Episode 227 – Drive-In Double Feature: THE STUFF (1985) and STREET TRASH (1987)

Episode 226 – Desert Island Picks: Vampires


Being stranded doesn’t have to suck! Especially if you get to have you five favorite vampire flicks with you. Join us for another round of “Desert Island Picks” and see what each of us sunk our teeth into.

Episode 226 – Desert Island Picks: Vampires

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