What The Hell Is Chris Watching Now? – LLAMAGEDDON (2015)

An episode of impulse viewing was brought on by the randomness of Amazon Prime’s recommendations recently. My thought process was pretty much, “No matter how bad it might be, I’m willing to give this film a full 69 minutes of my attention.”

Yes, Fright Fans. They deliberately made it with a 69 minute runtime.

2015’s LLAMAGEDDON is the crazy creation of director Howie Dewin who also co-wrote it with James Earl Cox III. Both appear in the film as Rob and Floyd, respectively.

Who knew alien llamas could be so cute?

In the animated opening that reminded me of old “Flash” media cartoons, a member of an invading force of space llamas, whose spaceship looks suspiciously like a horse trailer with wings, crash lands on Earth near a family farm in the middle of nowhere. Enter the “Killer Llama” (played by Louie The Llama) who shoots lasers from its eyes, spits mutagenic green goo, and wreaks havoc on the sexually active yet sadly unsuspecting owners of said farm.

Louie’s got lasers!

Enter nebbish dweeb Floyd and his dominating sister Mel who are given the responsibility of Meemaw and Pep Pep’s farm after their tragic passing. Mel bullies her bro into having a party with her collection of college friends, and the cannon fodder is quickly supplied for the alien’s wooly wrath!

One of Dan’s many stylish shirts . . .

I dare not say more regarding the story or plot, but this movie had me laughing more than I had in a long time. Not once does it take itself seriously, and never is there a care about the quality of a performance or the continuity between scenes. The character Dan (Dany Ambassa) changes his shirt 23 times through the film! Rob’s facial hair vanishes in a hallway when he turns a corner to use the bathroom! You even get the added bonus of watching the movie twice in one sitting if you hang out through the credits . . . because they replay the entire film in 4 minutes. And God bless ’em, they made only one alpaca joke, and it was NOT “alpacalypse” related.

Everything about this film just screamed to me that everyone was having a blast, drinking beers, blowing shit up, and splattering blood, goo, and gore on each other. So I strongly recommend cracking your own beer (or beverage of choice), grabbing some friends, and see how alien llama spit can make someone turn into a were-llama. What have you got to lose?

Available on Amazon Prime and Tubi

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